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Adeeva Essential H.A. Natural Revitalizing Serum - 30 ml

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An essential anti-aging skin nutrient for individuals over 20 years of age, this topical product contains research-tested encapsulated hyaluronic acid (H.A.) - known as HydrexelinTM, which helps replenish skin H.A. levels, supporting skin hydration and other aspects of skin appearance

All-natural ingredients
Non-animal-derived H.A.
Quantity: 30mL
After age 20 the skin loses its ability to make optimal amounts of substances called humectants. Within the skin humectants bind water, keeping the skin hydrated and looking smooth. As we age the loss of skin humectants (e.g. hyaluronic acid) allows the skin to dehydrate and shrivel up forming crow's feet, fine lines and other facial wrinkles.

The same way that grapes turn into shrivelled-up raisins, when they become dehydrated, our skin becomes wrinkled and shrivelled up as it loses its ability to make adequate amounts of humectants to hold water in the skin.

To counter the aging process, Adeeva Essential H.A. (HydrexelinTM) provides the skin with the most effective and clinically-proven humectant discovered to date, which is known as Hydrexelin. Within the skin, Hydrexelin acts like a water magnet (holding up to 1000 times its weight in moisture) pulling water from the bloodstream below, and into the skin layers. Applying Hydrexelin to the skin each morning and evening enables you to reconstitute the skin with the humectants it can no longer make for itself. In turn, the skin becomes re-hydrated from the inside out, which reverses an important step in the wrinkling process. The result is a significant visible difference in the appearance of facial lines.

In short, Adeeva Essential H.A. (HydrexelinTM) works by re-establishing more youthful levels of skin humectants, thereby restoring optimal skin hydration, adding fullness to the skin and smoothing it out for a more youthful appearance. In many cases, Adeeva Essential H.A. (HydrexelinTM) has been shown to reverse facial aging by 5-10 years by naturally filling in the lines that once appeared as crow's feet and shallow wrinkles on the face.

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